Sat, Jun 12 from 10am - 12pm

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Friends & Family Tours (Pre-selected date) 

In the next couple months we're offering a limited number of heavily-discounted, mini-tours on pre-selected dates. Friends & Family tours must be booked and paid for by one individual, and a maximum of 5 masked & healthy individuals are permitted to attend. Our guides will also wear masks and will use personal microphones to avoid crowding. All tours must be booked/confirmed within 1 week of the tour date.

Tour Details

This tour is an exploration of the cultural and historical factors that shaped our skyline, from Seattle’s early days with Kirtland Cutter’s Rainier Club to icons of Seattle’s modern identity, like Rem Koolhaas’ asymmetric, cantilevered Central Library. We will explore how the innovative icons that make up Seattle’s downtown came to be, providing a window into how Seattle’s identity has changed over time. We hope this tour will help you develop an appreciation for the social forces which shaped Seattle and our built environment.

Photos: Monique Blanchard, Alice Hammond

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Lobby

411 University St
Seattle, WA 98101